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What is the award for?

This award provides an opportunity to reward people who have made a major contribution over a long period of time to one or more of:

  • Market analysis, network planning or scheduling in passenger transport 
  • Local authority policy development and implementation
  • Middle or local management (i.e. depot or area managers or other posts below managing director level).

The Winners

  • Alan Bwye, First London

Alan Bwye shows off his Unsung Heroes Award on 12 June PTMA is delighted to pay tribute to Alan, for his service to the industry for the last 39 years, which have seen him rise from engineering trainee to his current post managing FirstGroup's largest and busiest depot in London. He played an heroic role in keeping services going after a fire at the depot destroyed 10 buses in 2006. As well as his skill and dedication, the award recognises his very special skills in community relations – and particularly his work over nearly 20 years for the Notting Hill Carnival.

  • Winston Dottin, First London

Mr and Mrs Dottin after the ceremony on 12th June with the trophy and certificate Winston was nominated for this award by his managing director for his work to link the transport industry more firmly with the community. As a result of his efforts, the first ever Public Transport Workers' Service of Thanksgiving was held in September 2008 at St Clement Danes, one of London's most famous churches – now planned to be an annual event. In addition, he works for the Notting Hill Carnival, and regular organisers the appearance of a float and the FirstGroup open-top Routemaster in the parade.  Winston has also served the industry for 37 years in an exemplary fashion as first a conductor and then a driver, but we today recognise his services to build bridges between the industry and the community which it serves.

  • Trevor Hickinbottom, Diamond Bus Company

Trevor Hickinbottom's award marked a lifetime of service in the West Midlands Trevor has worked in the bus industry in a variety of roles since joining as a bus conductor in 1971, rising to be a senior manager in the early success of competing small West Midlands operator Pete's Travel, where he has worked tirelessly through the various changes of ownership and organisation in the intervening years. He is now a senior manager with the Diamond Bus team, and PTMA is delighted to recognise his hard work and dedication to the bus industry over a 38 year period.

  • Kevin Vince, Northern Rail

Netowrk Rail nominated Kevin Vince from Northern Rail for his richly deserved awardThe annual leaf fall season is a cause of major disruption to the rail industry, and Network Rail has been working hard over the past few years to improve performance and reduce safety risks. Approaching Northern Rail for assistance with trials for a new way of cleaning the rail heads, Network Rail received exemplary co-operation from Kevin on a number of occasions, who showed far-sightedness in working hard to deliver the correct resources for the trials, and covering the gaps thereby created in the regular schedules. PTMA is pleased to recognise Kevin's efforts – as Network Rail put it, “working selflessly in the background with little recognition.”

Who can be nominated?

This award is open to anybody working within or in organisations associated with the public passenger transport industry in its widest sense. Nominees could therefore include people working for operators, local authority officers, the academic community, the civil service or transport consultancy.

... and by whom?

The PTMA joint venture committee would like to hear from as wide a range of people in the industry as possible as to the names of those who might qualify for this award.

Criteria and Entry Conditions

Nominations for this award are not being sought in the formal sense, but the aim is for judges and scheme executives to reach a consensus annually on the individual(s) to receive the award.


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